NFD Communicate: March 1992

Some of the items featured in the March 1992 (Vol 2. No. 5) issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • Deaf View 1991 – a weekend of several firsts – Deaf Māori in powhiri, 1st Conference for the Deaf, live captioning of speeches, culturally Deaf guest speaker and Deaf New Zealanders leading workshops.
  • End of an era – NZAD without Ken Jillings? After more than 30 years, Ken has been a part of the Deaf world and is retiring to a life of peaceful fishing and maybe even some golf!
  • Deaf woman of the Year 1991 – Jane Butler
  • Jennifer Brain, Pat Dugdale and Sonya Logan wrote an article on the difference between NZSL and Total Communication. A major aim of NZAD and NFD is to have NZSL recognised as an official language.
  • ‘The sounds of silence’ – an excerpt from an article on Jennifer Brain in the NZ Herald.
  • An advertisement for the Schools for the Deaf 50th Jubilee, with wine & cheese evening at $10.00; the Saturday fathering at $7.00, and dinner & ball at the Avondale Racecourse at $40.00.
  • Scores from the NZ Deaf Games for the Deaf in Dunedin 1991, with golf, table tennis, basketball and ten pin bowling. Auckland was the winner of the Aotearoa Turi shield.

  1. Angus McDonald

  2. Anne Croy

  3. Beth Titter

  4. Breda Carty

  5. Daniel Beech

  6. Dulcie McKie

  7. Hilary McCormack

  8. Jane Butler

  9. Jennifer Brain

  10. Jenny Kirk

  11. Kathy Hassan

  12. Ken Brain

  13. Ken Jillings

  14. Kevin Stokes

  15. Linda Prouse

  16. Mary Johnson

  17. Maureen Seth

  18. Megan Mansfield

  19. Michael May

  20. Miranda Harcourt

  21. Ngaire Doherty

  22. Noel Bow

  23. Pat Dugdale

  24. Pat Te Paa

  25. Patreena Bryan

  26. Robyn Carter

  27. Sonya Logan

  28. Sue Williams

  29. Susan Hamilton

Reference number NFDC1992-2-5-MJN