There are many ways you can volunteer to help keep this archive alive and breathing, and helping to identify people in videos and photos, aka ‘tagging’, in the SignDNA archive is one of them!

Being a video archive, people may want to search for video containing a certain person. While we thought we have a pretty good knowledge of people in the Deaf community, we have found it difficult to identify quite a number of people seen in the videos. This may be because they passed away before we were born, or they just look different with those huge sideburns in the 70s! If you see someone in the video and notice that their name is not tagged, please let us know and we will add them to the list of names for that video.

This also applies to all items on the archive. Tagging will make your search much easier!

Also if you know something about the event or the location that you do not see listed in the video, please let us know.