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You and Your Child – Deaf edition

'You and Your Child' programme focuses on Deaf children, education and language and interview some parents about their Deaf children.
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This TV segment “You and Your Child” takes a look at a boy having his hearing tested, with his mother and brother watching. We also see a mother and daughter reading a book together, using Total Communication. We see parents receiving a total communications class at Van Asch College, Sumner.

Some of the parents share their thoughts on raising a Deaf child, including the importance of giving their child as much access to language as possible, like any other child. The important basics such as facing the Deaf child when talking clearly are also raised by another mother, Jenny D’ath. Another parent feels it’s important to raise her child to be a happy and confident person, and accept and feel alright about her child being Deaf.

  1. Jeff Cook

  2. Jenny D’Ath

  3. Jenny Ellis

  4. Kay Drew

  5. Marie O’Brien

  6. Meg King

  7. Nirvana Graham

  8. Patsy Graham

  9. Sally Cook

  10. Tom Cook

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