1. 1993
    Donated by Hilda Tamepo Image of Hilda Tamepo

    John & Laura Hunt’s farewell party

    A farewell party is thrown for John and Laura Hunt at the Auckland Deaf Society, prior to their move to Melbourne. The farewell was attended by over 100 members of the Auckland Deaf community.

  2. 1992
    Donated by Point of View Productions Image of Point of View Productions

    'See What I Mean'

    'See What I Mean' presents two real-life stories: the story of a family who were all born Deaf, and a journalist who loses her hearing. It offers positive advice about hearing loss as well as celebrating the New Zealand Deaf community.

  3. 2002
    Donated by Dorothy Jones Image of Dorothy Jones

    Auckland Schools for Deaf: 60th Reunion

    Weekend celebrations are kickstarted with a Māori Deaf kapa haka group to perform a haka powhiri. Vintage teachers such as Les Bury briefly summarise their experiences of working in Deaf education over the years.

  4. 1990s
    Donated by Hilda Tamepo Image of Hilda Tamepo

    Deaf kaumatua celebrates 50 years of life at Auckland Deaf Society

    The 50th birthday of Ivan Tamepo - a respected Deaf elder – is celebrated at ADS, with a karanga, powhiri, waitaia and celebrations in the back hall and upstairs clubroom.

  5. 1989
    Donated by Richard Hay Image of Richard Hay

    Annual Picnic at Long Bay 1989

    Auckland Deaf Society’s annual picnic at Long Bay where members compete in the 100m sprint (and fake starts!) and the boys show off their bodybuilding moves.

  6. 2006
    Donated by Dan Hanks Image of Dan Hanks

    Last Friday night at Auckland Deaf Society before the rebuild

    Footage and interviews from the final Friday night at Deaf Club at Auckland Deaf Society before its long-awaited re-development in 2006.