NZ Deaf News: October 1983 (Vol. 20, No. 4)

Some of the items featured in the October 1983 (Vol. 20, No. 4) issue of ‘New Zealand Deaf News’:

  • Two Freyberg Deaf students are the first deaf students to attend an AFS (American Field Scholars). Annette Hansen will attend Gallaudet College, where George will attend a deaf unit of a high school in Illinois. 
  • A womens basketball team is being set up under Wellington Deaf Society by Lyneen Allen. 
  • Deaf Clubs participated in Telethon 1983, helping with fundraising and appearing on television, with an emphasis on signing the donations. 
  • The first ‘TC’ social was held at Kelston Deaf School on 5 August 1983. It was set up after people learning TC complained that they have never seen any deaf people to practice with!
  • Otago Deaf Society will be hosting the first 
  • Manawatu Deaf Society celebrated its 21st Anniversary on 9 July 1983 at St Johns Hall, Cuba Street, with 100 people attending. 

  1. Allan Richardson

  2. Annette Hansen

  3. Barbara Hazelwood

  4. Daniel Beech

  5. David Sinclair

  6. Dorothy Jones

  7. Dulcie McKie

  8. George Hiri

  9. Gloria Fage

  10. Graham Mansell

  11. Gwen Rapley

  12. Irene Gordon

  13. Janet Watt

  14. Jennifer Brain

  15. Joan Bailey

  16. Julie Bullivant

  17. Keith Gordon

  18. Lee Bullivant

  19. Lyneen Allen

  20. MacMcKie

  21. Maree Carroll

  22. Margaret Coutts

  23. Morris Coutts

  24. Norman Norris

  25. Pat Dugdale

  26. Patty (Noeline) Still

  27. Pauline Sedon

  28. Peter Downie

  29. Richard Townshend

  30. Robert Cameron

  31. Royce Flynn

  32. Stephen Leach

  33. Susan Penman

  34. Suzanne Hanson

  35. Tom Still

  36. Tony Walton

Reference number DN1983-20-4-MJN