NZ Deaf News: May 1980 (Vol. 17, No. 4)

Some of the items featured in the May 1980 (Vol. 17, No. 4) issue of ‘New Zealand Deaf News’:

  • Triumph for Deaf Woman - first deaf woman allowed to train as a teacher for the deaf, starting a precedent that will enable many more deaf people to train as teachers for the deaf. 
  • Snippets from NZAD AGM in Wellington with all Executive members representative from Different Deaf Clubs. It is suggested that NZAD pushes for TC classes in polytechnics and evening classes. TC classes in NZ are flourishing.
  • A report on the Centennial of the Sumner School for the Deaf on April 4-6, 1980, with Kay Drew ‘interpreting’. 
  • A new trophy is created for the Manawatu Deaf Club singles v married annual cricket match. 
  • An ‘Otago Deaf Woman’s Group’ is established in Otago with an active Total Communication Group. 1970-80 was an important year when Total Communication was officially launched. Now the task of MOACOM is to make sure it stays afloat. 
  • Results from the annual New Zealand Deaf indoor bowls championships 1980. 
  • Stop Press: Special report on teleprinters with a large NZ company expecting to finish a NZ made TTY within the next 2-3 weeks.
  • Deaf Organisations
  • TV/Media
Reference number:
SignDNA – Deaf National Archive New Zealand, DN1980-17-4-MJN