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  1. 1963

    NZ Deaf News: Spring Issue, 1963 (Vol. 1, No. 1)

  2. 1990
    Video — Donated by Deaf Aotearoa Image of Deaf Aotearoa

    Opening of the Bruce McHattie House

    The ceremony and speeches to open McHattie House, used as the national office for NZAD.

  3. 1989
    Video — Donated by Manawatu Deaf Society Image of Manawatu Deaf Society

    16th World Games for the Deaf, Christchurch

    Opening ceremony and events at the 16th World Games for the Deaf, Christchurch 1989.

  4. 1969
    Video — Donated by Auckland Deaf Society Image of Auckland Deaf Society

    Deaf men chat outside Auckland Deaf Society clubrooms

    A group of men from the ADS basketball club are seen chatting outside the Auckland Deaf Society Clubrooms.

  5. 2003
    Video — Donated by Sue Williams Image of Sue Williams

    Wallace Williams: A compilation of interviews and footage

    A compilation of various footage where Wallace’s friends speak about their memories of Wallace including footage of Wallace at Auckland Deaf Society events.

  6. 1968
    Video — Donated by St Dominic’s Catholic Deaf Centre Image of St Dominic’s Catholic Deaf Centre

    A Deaf Child in the Family

    “A Deaf Child in the Family” is an award-winning film which shows authentic scenes from Deaf education centres at Kelston, St Dominics and Sumner, produced as a resource for families of deaf children.

  7. 1993
    Video — Donated by Hilda Tamepo Image of Hilda Tamepo

    John & Laura Hunt’s farewell party

    A farewell party is thrown for John and Laura Hunt at the Auckland Deaf Society, prior to their move to Melbourne. The farewell was attended by over 100 members of the Auckland Deaf community.