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SignDNA aims to maintain high standards for our operation and website, but we recognise that we can sometimes make mistakes. For instance, we might have spelled your name incorrectly, or made an error in identifying a person in a photo or video. If you have questions or a complaint about the archive, you are very welcome to contact us, and it may help make the website better if you do so. The SignDNA team will look into your concerns and get back to you as soon as we can. We recommend that you follow the steps below.

What should I do first?

As a first step, if you have a concern or a complaint about any content posted on this website you should notify us through SignDNA’s contact page, either in NZSL or written English. Your message should include your name, the website address of the item (copy and paste this from the URL field at the top), and explain your relationship to the material in question (for example maybe the issue is about content relating to you personally, or someone you know, or a group you are or were a part of).

Next steps

If you have sent us a complaint and given us an email address, we will send you an email confirming we have received your complaint. We will look into your complaint and contact you to work through the issue within five (5) working days. If we need to take longer because, for example, we need to get additional information, or it is a detailed matter, we will get in touch with you to explain this and to try and give you a new timeframe for resolving the issue.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint?

You have the right to raise your concerns with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner at:

Office of the Privacy Commissioner
PO Box 10094
Wellington 6143

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner has their own process to follow. Firstly they will ask you if you have first tried to resolve the issue directly with SignDNA. They will also consider whether you have any other ways available to resolve the issue. SignDNA will try our best to provide all the information you require, within practical limitations, to support your complaint. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner may or may not look into your complaint, and if they do investigate, they may or may not make a recommendation to SignDNA regarding the issue you have raised.