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  1. 1991

    NFD Communicate: December 1991

  2. 1990
    Video — Donated by Deaf Aotearoa Image of Deaf Aotearoa

    Opening of the Bruce McHattie House

    The ceremony and speeches to open McHattie House, used as the national office for NZAD.

  3. 1985
    Video — Donated by Victoria University of Wellington Image of Victoria University of Wellington

    First interpreting course graduation - 1985

    The Sign Language Interpreting course graduation ceremony September 1985, after 14 weeks training.

  4. 1985
    Video — Donated by Television New Zealand Archive Image of Television New Zealand Archive

    First sign language interpreting course

    An insight into the teaching and learning of those involved in the first sign language interpreting course in New Zealand 1985.

  5. 2003
    Video — Donated by Sue Williams Image of Sue Williams

    Wallace Williams: A compilation of interviews and footage

    A compilation of various footage where Wallace’s friends speak about their memories of Wallace including footage of Wallace at Auckland Deaf Society events.

  6. 1992
    Video — Donated by Sue Williams Image of Sue Williams

    The Remand of Ivan Curry

    A documentary outlining the case of Ivan Curry who, in 1988, was arrested and tried for the murder of his baby nephew. The documentary explores the case and in particular the plight of Ivan Curry who was remanded without bail for 15 months awaiting trial, as well as the difficulty Deaf people face navigating the justice system.

  7. 1993
    Video — Donated by Hilda Tamepo Image of Hilda Tamepo

    John & Laura Hunt’s farewell party

    A farewell party is thrown for John and Laura Hunt at the Auckland Deaf Society, prior to their move to Melbourne. The farewell was attended by over 100 members of the Auckland Deaf community.

  8. 1992
    Video — Donated by Point of View Productions Image of Point of View Productions

    'See What I Mean'

    'See What I Mean' presents two real-life stories: the story of a family who were all born Deaf, and a journalist who loses her hearing. It offers positive advice about hearing loss as well as celebrating the New Zealand Deaf community.