NFD Communicate: Winter 1999

Some of the items featured in the Winter 1999 (Vol. 8, No. 4) Issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • $630,000 has been made available by the Health Funding Authority for new mental health services for Deaf people.
  • A Concise NZSL Dictionary is in the works, a smaller version of the NZSL Dictionary. It is hoped that the book will be completed by the end of 1999. 
  • Auckland Deaf Society appoints its first woman president, Beth Titter. 
  • The date for NFD’s Deaf Awareness Week is 15 to Sunday 21 November 1999. No specific theme has been set to allow individuals, groups, organisations to promote their own events, activities and causes. 
  • Kim Robinson and Victoria Manning updates on their appeal to the Human Rights Commission of disability discrimination of not being able to access the phone network.

  1. Abbie Twiss

  2. Anna Gehrke

  3. Barry Kirkland

  4. Beatrice Nuthall

  5. Beth Titter

  6. Brent Macpherson

  7. Daniel Harborne

  8. Donna Baynes

  9. Geoff Bridgman

  10. George Rawlinson

  11. Janet Martin

  12. Jennifer Brain

  13. Joanne Witko

  14. Johanna Brens

  15. Judy Everitt

  16. Kim Robinson

  17. Lisa Alexander

  18. Mary Speirs

  19. Maureen Seth

  20. Megan Youngs

  21. Nirvana Graham

  22. Owen Gibbons

  23. Rachel Locker McKee

  24. Scott Williams

  25. Thornton Peck

  26. Trent Bell

  27. Victoria Manning

Reference number NFDC1999-8-4-MJN