NFD Communicate: September 1993

Some of the items featured in the September 1993 (Vol. 7, No. 3) issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • The topic of a cochlear implant is a controversial one, with the editor reserving the right to exercise ‘editorial discretion’ on any letters or articles on cochlear implants which are considered to be impolite.
  • Shirley Horrocks writes an article on the making of ‘See What I Mean’, a story of two cultures – in which hearing people are called ‘the listening impaired’. 
  • BNZ and the National Bank have signed contracts with the Deaf Association to make interpreter services available for Deaf people doing businesses with those banks.
  • Deaf Association puts forward a proposal for funding of Deaf education, with a National Deaf Advisory Group. 
  • A fun bicycle ride is organised to raise funds for further training of NZSL tutors, with around 156 cyclists with 10 of those deaf. 
  • Christchurch Deaf Society fundraiser by selling tee shirts ‘STOP NOISE POLLUTION, USE NZ SIGN LANGUAGE’

  1. Daniel Carruthers

  2. Diane Urlich

  3. Fliss Maera

  4. Hannah Cowan

  5. Janet Stokes

  6. Janine Mackay

  7. Jenny Kirk

  8. Kevin Lawrence

  9. Michelle Carline

  10. Robyn Carter

  11. Shannon Morris

  12. Shaun Robinson

  13. Shirley Horrocks

  14. Stephen Van Deursen

  15. Steven Pawley

  16. Susan Thomas

  17. Susan Wilson

  18. Susie Ovens

Reference number NFDC1993-7-3-MJN