NFD Communicate: March 1994

Some of the items featured in the March 1994 (Vol. 8, No. 1) issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • The first National Hui for Māori Deaf was in Auckland on the weekend of 19-21 November 1993. 
  • Telecom offers Deaf customers using a TTY to contact them via a free 0800 service. TTYs were then for sale between $572 to $1050!
  • Deaf people and their driving licences. In 1962, a long running battle begun with the Ministry of Transport to have the hearing test for drivers of private motocars deleted from motor drivers regulations. This was dropped in 1984. 
  • The Hearing Association promotes its ‘hearing problem’ counter cards for display in shops and offices. 
  • Sandra Smith and her observations on Signed English and TC. 
  • Patty Still takes her NZSL students to visit Wrey Jury’s neatly sculptured garden via a ‘Mystery Drive!’

  1. Andrew Townshend

  2. Carl Ross

  3. Christine Carr

  4. Jennifer Brain

  5. Jenny Kirk

  6. Megan Mansfield

  7. Noel Bow

  8. Patrick Thompson

  9. Patty (Noeline) Still

  10. Pollyanna Ferguson

  11. Ronald Masters

  12. Sandra Smith

  13. Sara Pivac Alexander

  14. Stephanie Rorison

  15. Tony Windale

  16. Victoria Manning

  17. Wrey Jury

Reference number NFDC1994-8-1-MJN