NFD Communicate: December 1993

Some of the items featured in the December 1993 (Vol. 7, No. 4) issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • To celebrate Deafness Awareness Week during Women’s Suffrage Year, Kelston held a photographic display to celebrate the achievements of 37 Deaf women in New Zealand.
  • Advisors on Deaf Children: What Do They Do? An article by four advisors. 
  • The Caption Centre, a unit of Teletext, clocks its one hundredth TV commercial for subtitling, only seven months after its launch. 
  • A list of TTY’s installed in public places, organisations and Deaf Societies. 
  • A dictionary is created by the Methodist Chaplain with Deaf people, Edan Garner, of words used in worship. It has around 150 signs.

Note: This issue was printed as June 1993 in error.

  1. Angela Sew Hoy

  2. Brendon Cooper

  3. Brent Ryder

  4. Danielle Wilson

  5. Daryl Crosbie

  6. Doug Croskery

  7. Edna Garner

  8. Eileen Smith

  9. Gaye Blondell

  10. Genelle Moore

  11. Jennifer Brain

  12. Jenny Kirk

  13. Julie Hind

  14. Kathleen French

  15. Krista Clifford

  16. Lisa Shand

  17. Mark Siviter

  18. Ngaire Doherty

  19. Peter Coxhead

  20. Ray Whiting

  21. Ruth Metink

  22. Solomon Eli

  23. Susan Hamilton

  24. Sylvia Schischka

  25. Victoria Manning

  26. Warwick Flintoff

  27. William Waitohi

Reference number NFDC1993-7-4-MJN