NFD Communicate: October 1994

Some of the items featured in the October 1994 (Vol. 8, No. 3) issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • Are people interested in establishing and participating in a Family Support Group for Deaf Plus people?
  • Liz Powell, Deputy Principal of Kelston upon returning from her visit to North Rocks (Sydney) recommends that a bilingual-bicultural group is set up at Kelston for students in the 4-6 year range, to be set up within a year. 
  • A transcript of Hilary McCormack’s speech to AIT sign language interpreters course graduates – ‘Please don’t fly before you can walk’. A total of 8 students graduated.  
  • Taranaki advertises for a qualified interpreter, saying that one was needed quite frequently and having to call for one from Palmerston North was not good enough. 
  • Deaf meet with Dr Marita Danek (Director of the Rehabilitative Counselling for the Deaf Programme at Gallaudet University) at Kelston Deaf Education Centre, with it being strongly agreed that counselling services for Deaf people are badly needed in New Zealand.
  • Confusion reigns over the use of TTY, TDD, TT – which all mean the same thing! It is agreed to use the term, ‘TTY’ or ‘Textphone’.
  • Deaf Association requests people not to call them ‘DANZ’.
  • NZDSA has a new logo and a new National Sports Administrator.

  1. Andrea Krissansen

  2. Andrea Rorison

  3. Chris Blum

  4. Dan Levitt

  5. Daniel Beech

  6. Fiona Smith

  7. Graeme Mansell

  8. Grant Brewster

  9. Hilary McCormack

  10. Hilda Tamepo

  11. Ivan Tamepo

  12. Jackie Thompson

  13. Jeff Went

  14. Jennifer Brain

  15. Josje Lelijveld

  16. Julie Beere

  17. Julie Smith

  18. Karen Pointon

  19. Kim Robinson

  20. Laurie Schischka

  21. Lee Bullivant

  22. Lyneen Allen

  23. Lynette Pivac

  24. Marc Ethan

  25. Margaret Cooper

  26. Nick Tilly

  27. Rachel Locker McKee

  28. Ray Jenkin

  29. Reg Leach

  30. Robert Wilson

  31. Rose Brouwers

  32. Sam Manuatu

  33. Shona McGhie

  34. Sue Copeland

  35. Sue Williams

  36. Susan Hamilton

  37. Susan Thomas

  38. Susan Wilson

  39. Tamina Norman

  40. Teresa Jenkin

  41. Tony Bishop

  42. Tricia Fitzgerald

Reference number NFDC1994-8-3-MJN