NFD Communicate: Autumn 1997

Some of the items featured in the Autumn 1997 (Vol. 6, No. 2) Issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • Mental health needs of the Deaf: steps towards a better service – an article written by Geoff Bridgman.
  • The first NZSL Tutor Training programme is being set up at Victoria University, and it is hoped to start in July. 
  • Deaf Association organises its own communicators course; a one month course for ten people who would like to be interpreters later on. 
  • Jennifer Brain presents ‘Deaf People and Change’ at the 19th World Congress of Rehabilitation International at Auckland, 1996. 
  • Sign Language interpreters are present for the first time at Waitangi Day celebrations at ceremonies in Waitangi, Auckland and Wellington.
  • Deaf Organisations
  • TV/Media
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