NFD Communicate: Autumn 1997

Some of the items featured in the Autumn 1997 (Vol. 6, No. 2) Issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • Mental health needs of the Deaf: steps towards a better service – an article written by Geoff Bridgman.
  • The first NZSL Tutor Training programme is being set up at Victoria University, and it is hoped to start in July. 
  • Deaf Association organises its own communicators course; a one month course for ten people who would like to be interpreters later on. 
  • Jennifer Brain presents ‘Deaf People and Change’ at the 19th World Congress of Rehabilitation International at Auckland, 1996. 
  • Sign Language interpreters are present for the first time at Waitangi Day celebrations at ceremonies in Waitangi, Auckland and Wellington.

  1. Andrew Morgan

  2. Chris Blum

  3. Geoff Bridgman

  4. Hilary McCormack

  5. Jennifer Brain

  6. Margaret Cooper

  7. Michael Allen

  8. Shiz Sameshima

  9. Victoria Manning

Reference number NFDC1997-6-3-MJN