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There are many ways you can volunteer to help keep this archive alive and breathing, and one of the most useful ways is to help us with tagging! This means adding keywords about an item, for example a person’s name that appears in a video, or the name of an event or place in a film or other item. Tagging helps people find the item when they search using those keywords. So adding tags in the archive makes it easier and faster to find what you are looking for. Tagging is time consuming and so help with tagging is greatly appreciated. If you have an idea for tags you think we should add to the archive then please email us with your name, the URL of the item (copy this from the URL field at the top of the page) and let us know the tag you think we should add.

Tagged Individuals

SignDNA is an online archive containing historical footage and records, many of which contain references to people. Visitors may want to search for videos and other archival items containing a certain person. While we have a pretty good knowledge of people in the Deaf community, we have sometimes found it difficult to identify people in some of the videos, especially older films. This may be because they passed away before we were born, or they just look different with those huge sideburns in the 1970s! If you see someone in the video and notice that their name is not yet tagged, please let us know and we will add them to the list of names for that video.

How to submit a Tagged Individual

If you want to add a ‘Tagged Individual’, please notify us either in NZSL or written English. Your message should include your name, the website address of the item (copy and paste this from the URL field at the top), and explain the full name of the person you want us to tag in that video.

Incorrectly spelled names

If we have incorrectly spelled a person’s name, either yours or someone you know, please let us know! A person’s name is added from the information given to us when the item is donated and sometimes names are spelled incorrectly. This can easily be corrected though, just contact us and point out the error and we will fix it as soon as we can.

Tagging is also used for other items, not just videos!

Our ‘tagging’ system also applies to all items on the archive, not just videos. Tagging will make your search much easier! Also if you know something about the event or location, or other information that you do not see listed for that item then please let us know and we may add that information to the archive.