NFD Communicate: June 1994

Some of the items featured in the June 1994 (Vol. 8, No. 2) issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • The Adult Deaf Māori group has given a set of beautiful carvings to Kelston which has been placed in the hall.
  • ‘Visitors slam NZ on disabled’ – New Zealand has done little to integrate its disabled population into society, according to four visiting American activists, here to discuss the recently passed Human Rights Act. 
  • Screenings of ‘In The Land Of The Deaf’, a French film about Deaf children subtitled in English. 
  • The Association of Teachers of the Deaf and Hearing Impaired, formed in August 1991, held its first biennial conference in Palmerston North. 
  • The Morris Coutts (Charitable) Trust was established in gratitude for his life. It aims to fundraise $100,000 to be used to help finance deaf athletes to attend world events. 
  • An update on the busy activities of the Christchurch Deaf Senior Citizens!
  • Deaf Organisations
  • TV/Media
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