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    Noeline 'Patty' Still (MNZM)

    Noeline (Patty) Still (born 1932) received the M.N.Z.M in 2003 for her involvement in many activities and initiatives within the Deaf community. Patty was recognised for her efforts in promoting New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) through her teaching of NZSL, and her work raising public awareness via her performances with the Christchurch Silent Singers group. Patty was actively involved in the Deaf Society of Canterbury as Editor of the monthly newsletter and as Chairperson and Secretary of the Deaf Senior Citizens Club. Also recognised was her selflessness in supporting Deaf people with their literacy needs and visiting older Deaf people when they were ill.

  2. 2000
    Video — Donated by Deaf Aotearoa Image of Deaf Aotearoa

    Inside Out: The Art of Signing

    Inside Out produces a programme about New Zealand Sign Language, its value to the Deaf community as well as its artistic forms.

  3. 1952
    Video — Donated by Auckland Deaf Society Image of Auckland Deaf Society

    Deaf Day Trip to Orewa!

    During one of the first New Zealand Deaf Sports Convention in Auckland 1952, a group of Deaf take a day trip to Orewa.

  4. 1975
    Video — Donated by Sue Penman Image of Sue Penman

    NZ Deaf Sports Convention, Christchurch 1975

    The Deaf community gather in Christchurch for the NZ Deaf Sports Convention in Labour Weekend, 1975.

  5. 1989
    Video — Donated by Kerry Titcombe Image of Kerry Titcombe

    16th World Games for Deaf - News Review segment

    News Review coverage of the 16th World Games for the Deaf in Christchurch 1989.

  6. 1976
    Video — Donated by Sue Penman Image of Sue Penman

    NZ Deaf Sports Convention, Palmerston North 1976

    The Christchurch team travel to Palmerston North for the NZ Deaf Sports Convention on Labour Weekend, 1976.

  7. 1977
    Video — Donated by Dennis Tod Image of Dennis Tod

    Canterbury Annual Deaf Picnic 1977

    Members of the Canterbury Deaf community make for a picnic on a lovely day, with tug-o-war and running races.

  8. 1980
    Video — Donated by Sue Penman Image of Sue Penman

    Sumner School for the Deaf 100 Years Centenary celebration

    Footage by Sue Penman, of members of the Deaf community and their families attending the centenary celebrations at Sumner School for the Deaf, and taking a tour of the school.

  9. 1989
    Video — Donated by Television New Zealand Archive Image of Television New Zealand Archive

    The play 'Children of a Lesser God'

    This TV series (Sunday Magazine) looks at some of the projects young people are getting involved in. This clip is about acting in a play about Deaf people, in which Patty Still has been teaching the hearing cast NZSL for their roles.