NZ Deaf News: 1971 (Vol. 8, No. 1)

Some of the items featured in the 1971 Issue of ‘NZ Deaf News’ (Vol. 8, No. 1):

  • The opening of the Eddowes Memorial Village for Elderly Deaf on 27 October 1970. This was the first village for the elderly deaf ever to be established in New Zealand.
  • Taranaki reports that it has been recommended by the Education Board that a class for deaf children be established at West End School, New Plymouth on 1 February 1971.
  • Manawatu Deaf Society has a successful stall day at The Square, earning $162.00, selling sewing handicrafts, etc. Their cakes sold out in no time, with one person buying 18 jars of apricots and pineapple jam!
  • Southland provides its first ever news snippet to NZ Deaf News, reporting that they met once a fortnight, had 20 members and played table tennis, bowls and darts.
  • Friends of the Deaf replies to an article by NZ Deaf News in the previous issue covering an article written by Trevor Fear who resigned from his position as Welfare Officer.
  • A full report on the 15th New Zealand Deaf Sports Convention held in Palmerston North with results.

  1. Barry Kinnaird

  2. Bernie Clews

  3. Bruce McHattie

  4. Christine Martin

  5. Daniel Beech

  6. Don Beech

  7. Geoff Harker

  8. Helen Williams

  9. Jimmy Green

  10. Joan Bailey

  11. John Ferguson

  12. John Hunt

  13. John Keogh

  14. John McRae

  15. Kath Smith

  16. Kevin Pivac

  17. Lance Manning

  18. Maree Carroll

  19. Max Howell

  20. Patty (Noeline) Still

  21. Richard Hanson

  22. Robyn Crosbie

  23. Royce Flynn

  24. Russell McNabb

  25. Stewart Smith

  26. Susan Hamilton

  27. Tony Walton

  28. Trevor Fear

  29. Wallace Williams

Reference number DN1971-8-1-MJN