Auckland Deaf Society

Deaf Day Trip to Orewa!

During one of the first New Zealand Deaf Sports Convention in Auckland 1952, a group of Deaf take a day trip to Orewa.
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During the first Deaf Sports Convention in Auckland, a group of Deaf hire a bus and make a trip to Orewa, north of Auckland, for a fun picnic and swim. After the bus trip and arriving at the beach, various activities take place – including an impromptu rugby game, swimming, and enjoying a picnic to catch up with old friends. Later, a ‘Bathing Beauties Parade’ is held.

  1. Dz Svikers

  2. Helen Williams

  3. Joan Bailey

  4. Kath Smith

  5. Merv Forman

  6. Owen Gibbons

  7. Patty (Noeline) Still

  8. Pauline Sedon

  9. Stewart Smith

  10. Tom Gibling

  11. Verna McRae

  12. Wallace Williams

Donated by Auckland Deaf Society
Produced by John McRae
Original format 3" 8mm
Reference number ADS1314-01-OTH52
Sponsored by Seeflow