NZ Deaf News: Spring 1985 (Vol. 22, No. 2)

Some of the items featured in the Spring 1985 (Vol. 22, No. 2) issue of ‘New Zealand Deaf News’:

  • The first group of Interpreter Training Course students will graduate on 12 September 1985 after four months training.
  • A successful trip for the New Zealanders to the World Deaf Games Los Angeles 1985 with gold and silver medals. At the closing ceremony, Margaret Coutts and John McRae received the CISS flag for safekeeping until Christchurch 1989. 
  • Hawkes Bay Deaf basketballers in the D Grade won two cups, one in the Winter League Championship and one for Knockout Championship. Ray Forman has been coaching the team for three years. 
  • The organisers of Telethon 85 in Christchurch invited the Christchurch Deaf Society to participate again; their third Telethon in a row!
  • Morris Coutts confirms that New Zeaalnd is hosting the World Deaf Games in Christchurch, and asks for volunteers to help the organising crew to greet, welcome, be friendly and generally assist the 2,000 athletes expected at the games.

  1. Adrian Winterburn

  2. Annette Hansen

  3. Barbara Beale

  4. Barbara Hazelwood

  5. Barbara Lawrence

  6. Bessie LeMarquant

  7. Carol King

  8. Carolyn Berry

  9. Claire Liddicoat

  10. Daniel Beech

  11. Dorothy Jones

  12. Eddie Sedon

  13. Elizabeth Hines

  14. Hilary McCormack

  15. Hugh Bosman

  16. Janet Watt

  17. Jean Monk

  18. Jo Hussey

  19. Joan Bailey

  20. John Ooteman

  21. Kath French

  22. Katrina Phillips

  23. Kevin Lawrence

  24. Lindsay Bamford

  25. Maree Carroll

  26. Margaret Coutts

  27. Mary Johnson

  28. Morris Coutts

  29. Nadia Baradi

  30. Pam Croskery

  31. Patty (Noeline) Still

  32. Pauline Sedon

  33. Penny Went

  34. Peter (Popeye) Berry

  35. Phonse Carroll

  36. Polly Forman

  37. Ray Forman

  38. Ruth Jessep

  39. Sue Penman

  40. Troy Parrell

  41. Wally Arthur

Reference number DN1985-22-2-MJN