NFD Communicate: December 1995

Some of the items featured in the December 1995 (Vol. 5, No. 3) Issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • A lobby group ‘Deaf Education Access Forum’ was established with the group’s aim “to ensure that all Deaf and hearing-impaired people have full access to education”.
  • Highlights of the very first Deaf Festival which was a wonderful success with a Deaf Drama competition which had Deaf people asking: What is Deaf culture?
  • A video is being produced for Deaf people in preparation for the 5 March 1996 census. It includes two questions on disability. This is the first time disability issues have been covered in a New Zealand census. 
  • Stories of parents finding out when their children were deaf – such as the Everitts, Holts and Rawlinsons; their approaches to educating their children.
  • The NZ Federation for Deaf Children sell resources, ‘Hand to Hand’ stories told in ‘sign’ by Royce Flynn and Chris Blum.
  • There are now over 60 interpreters and sign language communicators, most of them working part-time, listed with the Deaf Association.

  1. Alexandra Carr

  2. Amanda Everitt

  3. Caitlin Holt

  4. Chelcie Holt

  5. Chris Blum

  6. Diane Urlich

  7. Elizabeth Hines

  8. George Rawlinson

  9. Greg Parsons

  10. James Anderson-Pole

  11. Jeff Went

  12. Jerry Hanifin

  13. Jill Tremain

  14. Judy Everitt

  15. June Holt

  16. Kevin Pivac

  17. Kevin Smith

  18. Lola Fuemana

  19. Lynette Pivac

  20. Margaret Coutts

  21. Michael Wi

  22. Patreena Bryan

  23. Paul Buzzard

  24. Royce Flynn

  25. Shona McGhie

  26. Simon Holt

  27. Sonya Logan

  28. Susie Ovens

  29. Wendy Daunt

Reference number NFDC1995-5-3-MJN