VXIth World Games for the Deaf, Christchurch: 7-17 January 1989

An in-depth breakdown of the 16th World Games for the Deaf in Christchurch, 7-17 January 1989. This publication wraps up speeches, messages from people involved, summaries and photos of all events such as the opening and closing ceremony, 30th congress, official results, acknowledgements of people involved. 

  • 4000 people attended the opening ceremony, with 1400 athletes and officials. The biggest cheer was saved for the 113 members of the New Zealand team in black and white who marched in last.
  • The largest team of 230 was from the USA,
  • The all-male Kuwait team, wearing traditional dress at the opening ceremony, made their first appearance at the Games.
  • The Games were formally opened by David Caygill, Minister of Finance,
  • Two hours later, the first sport to take place since the opening of the Games was football between Holland and New Zealand.

Intricate research and reporting by Angela Treanor.

  1. Aileen Banks

  2. Andie Vowles

  3. Angela Treanor

  4. Brent Macpherson

  5. Christine Ryder

  6. Cindy-Lu Fitzpatrick

  7. G Ramsay

  8. Graeme Phinney

  9. Gwen Rapley

  10. Hayden Costar

  11. Jerald Jordan

  12. John Lavell

  13. John Lovett

  14. John Ooteman

  15. Kaz Witko

  16. Kelly Quirke

  17. Kevin Lawrence

  18. Lyndon Malcolm

  19. Margaret Coutts

  20. Megan Mansfield

  21. Michael Lynch

  22. Miiria Storey

  23. Pam Croskery

  24. Penny Went

  25. Peter Downie

  26. Polly Fechney

  27. Sam Te Maari

  28. Shona McGhie

  29. Stephen Jourdain

  30. Susan Hamilton

  31. Susie Ovens

  32. Tony Kuklinski

  33. Tony Walton

  34. William Browne

  35. William Tindall

Donated by Shona McGhie
Reference number SMG1989-001 MJN