NFD Communicate: December 1991

Some of the items featured in the December 1991 issue of ‘Communicate’:

  • An editorial explaining the change of the name of the journal from ‘NDF Journal’ to’ Communicate’
  • Letters, including one from Peg Makinson (Otago Association for Deaf Children), Sue Townshend (NZAD), David Moskowitz and Pat Dugdale unhappy with the NDF’s Deaf Awareness Week campaign
  • An article by Daniel Beech on Teletext, ‘TVNZ Network News Subtitling – Opening Night’, a new era in subtitles for the Deaf community in New Zealand
  • A feature on Stewart Smith – Deaf achievers award
  • An article focusing on teleprinters, and selling TTY and flashing light alarms
  • The NZ Deaf Sports Association receives an award in Banff, Canada for organising and hosting the World Deaf Games in Christchurch 1989
  • Shona McGhie talking about her work teaching NZSL
  • An update on the committee’s work on organising the upcoming Auckland Schools for Deaf 50th Jubilee (1942-1992) at Kelston during Queens Birthday Weekend 1992
  • Deafness Awareness Week reports from all around the country
  • Advertisement for the two year full time ‘Interpreters for the Deaf’ course commencing at AIT in 1992
  • Advertisement for the Northern vs Southern Deaf Regions XV and national sevens rugby tournament in Palmerston, with a $5.00 entry fee per player via cheque!

  1. Beth Titter

  2. Beverley Jordan

  3. Cheryl Anton

  4. Claire Hong

  5. Clark Denmark

  6. Daniel Beech

  7. Dave Moskovitz

  8. Diane Hill-Health

  9. Eileen Smith

  10. Graeme Kennedy

  11. Hilary McCormack

  12. Jeff Went

  13. Jennifer Brain

  14. Jeremy Keremea

  15. John Hunt

  16. Kahn Bury

  17. Katherine Topia

  18. Kevin Pivac

  19. Lee Bullivant

  20. Les Bury

  21. Linda Prouse

  22. Lynette Pivac

  23. Margaret Coutts

  24. Maureen Seth

  25. Megan Mansfield

  26. Melinda Napier

  27. Melissa Lakeman

  28. Pat Dugdale

  29. Patricia Bryan

  30. Pauline Sedon

  31. Peg Makinson

  32. Peter Aspden

  33. Rita Williams

  34. Shona McGhie

  35. Simon Mathews

  36. Stewart Smith

  37. Sue Townshend

  38. Susan Hamilton

  39. Tamina Norman

  40. Tony Walton

Reference number MJN-NFDC1992-5-4