NFD Journal: June 1991 (Vol. 5, No. 2)

Some of the items featured in the June 1991 issue of ‘NFD Journal:

  • Susan Hamilton and Jeff Went presented a paper at the Combined Conference 1991 about their teletext submission to TVNZ and a meeting held at the Broadcasting Commission which highlighted difficulties deaf people had in receiving an adequate news service, and the lack of subtitled programmes in New Zealand. 
  • NFD and its representative groups met with the Minister of Justice in April 1991, seeking several things including recognition of NZSL as an official language of New Zealand; legalisation for interpreters to be legally recognised in court and police work, and for use in welfare, employment, education and health services; recognition of Deaf Culture and suitable training for staff in the court and legal system; Government departments and services to have appropriate technology installed; and support for the full-time interpreters course at ATI.
  • Workbridge is developed from a restructuring of the Rehabilitation League, to provide an employment service to people with disabilities. 
  • 8 New Zealand deaf people flew to London for an intensive three-week course on how to teach hearing people sign language. 
  • Angela Sew Hoy participated in the 1991 World Winter Games for the Deaf in Banff, Canada, with 16 nations present. New Zealand had the smallest team with Angela and her coach.
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