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‘See What I Mean’

'See What I Mean' presents two real-life stories: the story of a family who were all born Deaf, and a journalist who loses her hearing. It offers positive advice about hearing loss as well as celebrating the New Zealand Deaf community.
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Directed by Shirley Horrocks, ‘See What I Mean’ is a documentary about people with a hearing impairment, and those who identify as Deaf. It tells the stories of a family who were all born Deaf, and a journalist who began to lose her hearing in her twenties. It features footage of Deaf community events including rugby, an education meeting and socialising at the Deaf Club, ending with the Kelston Deaf Education Centre jubilee celebrations!

This was the first broadcast documentary to present the concept of ‘Deaf Culture’ to New Zealand viewers.

  1. Anne Nevil

  2. Barbara Ironmonger

  3. Basil Kroon

  4. Brent Macpherson

  5. Chevelle Carr

  6. Dee Twiss

  7. Eileen Smith

  8. Graeme Forrest

  9. Greg Parsons

  10. Heidi Erbs

  11. Hilary McCormack

  12. Janefrey Lovie

  13. Jeff Went

  14. Jennifer Brain

  15. Judy Bailey

  16. Kevin Pivac

  17. Linda Prouse

  18. Lynette Pivac

  19. Lynne Smith

  20. Michelle Greenwood

  21. Neil Ray

  22. Pam Spicer

  23. Patreena Bryan

  24. Patrick Thompson

  25. Penny Went

  26. Richard Long

  27. Sara Pivac Alexander

  28. Sonia Pivac

  29. Steve Hooker

  30. Susan Hamilton

  31. Tamina Norman

  32. Wayne Bird

  33. Yatika Keshav

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Produced by Point of View Productions
Original format VHS
Reference number POV01-01-TV92