NFD Communicate: Autumn 1998

Some of the items featured in the Autumn 1998 issue of ‘NFD Communicate’ (Vol. 7, No. 3):

  • A huge FYD feature with an interview with Judy Bailey and Damian Barry; the focus and history of FYD, with reviews from participants.
  • Acknowledging Hilary McCormack and her Companion of the NZ Order of Merit award
  • A Deaf student’s experience as an American Exchange Student in the United States, “Blown Away – at school in the US”
  • A Bi-Bi experience in the classroom, an article by two Deaf teachers, Rachel Noble and Janine Campbell
  • An update on how many hours of TV subtitling in New Zealand, and its funding allocation

  1. Allan Richardson

  2. Catherine White

  3. Chris Blum

  4. Damian Barry

  5. Elaine Sautia

  6. Helen Keane

  7. Hilary McCormack

  8. Janine Campbell

  9. Judy Bailey

  10. Kelly Quirke

  11. Margaret Cooper

  12. Patrick Thompson

  13. Rachel Noble

  14. Royce Flynn

  15. Sara Pivac Alexander

  16. Susan Hamilton

  17. Tina Helmerding

  18. Victoria Manning

Reference number NFDC1998-7-3-MJN