Soundscape: November 2000

Some of the items featured in the November 2000 issue of ‘Soundscape’:

  • Deaf Awareness Week, 20-26 November 2000
  • Susan Hamilton (Kelston archivist) presented a paper with Eileen Smith (Principal) at the 4th International Conference on Deaf History at Gallaudet. The paper was titled ‘Recording Deaf Education History in New Zealand’, including the establishment and maintenance of a museum and archive. 
  • Arts Access Aotearoa received a grant from the Foundation in 1997 that aims to confront barriers to Deaf theatre. 
  • SLIANZ’s national convention in Auckland from 30 June to 2 July 2000 with keynote speaker Jemina Napier sponsored by the Foundation. 
  • Oticon Foundation Grant Recipients 2000.

  1. Alana Best

  2. Carol Padden

  3. Cheryl Anton

  4. Eileen Smith

  5. Jemina Napier

  6. Karen Pullar

  7. Kaye Bird

  8. Susan Hamilton

  9. Tania Simon

Reference number MJN-OF2000-11