NZ Deaf News: Spring 1989 (Vol. 23, No. 3)

Some of the items featured in the Spring 1989 (Vol. 23, No. 2) issue of ‘New Zealand Deaf News’:

  • The NZ Deaf Communications Network requests that people who have purchased a new TTY in the last two years, to please add their phone number to the National Deaf teleprinter phone list. It is also trying to advocate for reduced TV licence fees. 
  • At the 25th AGM of the New Zealand Amateur Sports Association, it was agreed to change its name to New Zealand Deaf Sports Association Inc. 
  • The Ordination of David Molloy was a beautiful service, with Deaf people joining together to support David as the first Deaf priest in New Zealand with a performance from the Sign Singers. 
  • Hawkes Bay branch will be creating NZSL sweatshirts with the signed alphabet on the back of them. Price will depend on demand. 
  • Stewart Smith, a Deaf man from Auckland, notches up five championship lawn bowl titles at the National Championships.
  • A NZ Sign Language Group has started classes for hearing people wishing to learn NZ Sign Language at the Deaf Centre. 
  • First meeting of Tauranga Deaf Club, with a new club logo with Vicki Hamilton’s two hands behind an ear winning the logo award. The motto by Brain Williams is ‘The Deaf Can Do Anything’.

  1. Alan Davidson

  2. Claire Liddicoat

  3. Colleen Norris

  4. David Molloy

  5. Dorothy Jones

  6. Eddie Sedon

  7. Eileen Smith

  8. Gwen Close

  9. Jennifer Brain

  10. Jenny Griffiths

  11. Joan Bailey

  12. John Ferguson

  13. John Hughes

  14. John Hunt

  15. John McRae

  16. Kahn Bury

  17. Kath Smith

  18. Kelly Lipp

  19. Ken Brain

  20. Kevin Lawrence

  21. Lee Bullivant

  22. Lois Pope

  23. Lyneen Allen

  24. Malcolm Ward

  25. Margaret Coutts

  26. Marianne Ahlgren

  27. Max Howell

  28. Megan Mansfield

  29. Michelle Sinclair

  30. Pam Witko

  31. Pat Dugdale

  32. Pauline Sedon

  33. Peter Downie

  34. Polly Forman

  35. Ray Whiting

  36. Sen Smith

  37. Susan Hamilton

  38. Terry Walbran

  39. Tom Still

  40. Tony Swindale

  41. Vernon Pope

  42. Wallace Williams

Reference number DN1989-23-3-MJN