NFD Journal: September 1990

Some of the items featured in the September 1990 issue of ‘NFD Journal’:

  • A Teletext subtitling reader survey carried out by TVNZ (which later led to the demise of ‘News Review’)
  • Advertisement by Christchurch International Airport saying it was the first New Zealand airport to offer Deaf travellers the use of a TTY service
  • Report on the NZ Deaf Sports Association’s 1990 Annual General Meeting, and updates on its work
  • Melissa Lakeman is the face of Deafness Awareness Week 1990, with plans for its upcoming campaign

  1. Allan Richardson

  2. Carl Riley

  3. Claire Liddicoat

  4. Colleen Norris

  5. Dennis Tod

  6. Dorothy Jones

  7. Eddie Klaver

  8. Fetuao Ualesi

  9. Gloria Fage

  10. Hayden Teesdale

  11. Jeff Went

  12. John Ferguson

  13. John Fogarty

  14. John Hunt

  15. John Menzies

  16. Kevin Lawrence

  17. Kevin Pivac

  18. Lee Bullivant

  19. Maureen Seth

  20. Melissa Lakeman

  21. Michelle Sinclair

  22. Pam Witko

  23. Polly Forman

  24. Royce Flynn

  25. Shona McGhie

  26. Susan Hamilton

  27. Tony (Anthony) Walton

Reference number MJN-NFDJ1990-4-3