Hilda Tamepo

John & Laura Hunt’s farewell party

A farewell party is thrown for John and Laura Hunt at the Auckland Deaf Society, prior to their move to Melbourne. The farewell was attended by over 100 members of the Auckland Deaf community.
Image for John & Laura Hunt’s farewell party

John and Laura Hunt have a farewell party thrown for them at the Auckland Deaf Society, before they move to Melbourne, Australia. Over 100 members of the community are in attendance. Speeches are given, and various members speak to the camera about their memories of John and Laura and how they will be missed when they move to Australia.

  1. Daniel Beech

  2. David McKee

  3. Doug Croskery

  4. Harry Hanley

  5. Jeff Went

  6. Jennifer Brain

  7. Ken Brain

  8. Laurie Schischka

  9. Linda Prouse

  10. Lynette Pivac

  11. Ngaire Doherty

  12. Owen Gibbons

  13. Pam Croskery

  14. Rachel Locker McKee

  15. Shona McGhie

  16. Sue Williams

  17. Susan Hamilton

  18. Susie Ovens

  19. Wallace Williams

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