NZ Deaf News: Winter 1986 (Vol. 22. No. 4)

Some of the items featured in the Winter 1986 (Vol. 22, No. 4) issue of ‘New Zealand Deaf News’:

  • This issue of NZ Deaf News will be printed for the last time. The NFD is printing a combined National Magazine, incorporating NZ Deaf News, Hearing News and the NZ Federation for Deaf Children newsletter. The title for the new Combined Magazine has yet to be decided with the temporary title being ‘Hearing News’. The NZ Deaf News has been running for 23 years with a summary provided by John Hunt on how it all started. 
  • An obituary for Morris Leonard Coutts QSO. 
  • Malcolm Ward was re-elected as President of Christchurch Deaf Society, making it his 33rd year of serving on the committee! 
  • Manawatu Deaf Society faces its toughest year as they may have to vacate its clubroom which is going under the hammer soon. 
  • The 21st New Zealand Deaf Indoor Bowls Championship was in the Deaf Centre Hall in Auckland over Easter Weekend, with over 50 players.

  1. Anne Stronge

  2. Annette Hansen

  3. Barbara Hazelwood

  4. Barbara Lawrence

  5. Bob Burch

  6. Colleen Norris

  7. Dan Levitt

  8. David Chilwell

  9. David Eastman

  10. Diane Burch

  11. Dulcie McKie

  12. Ed Sedon

  13. Elizabeth Hines

  14. Gerald Koats

  15. Jeff Went

  16. John Hunt

  17. June Whiting

  18. Kelly Quirke

  19. Kevin Lawrence

  20. Linda Prouse

  21. Lindsay Jones

  22. Lorraine Butler

  23. Lorraine Nilssen

  24. Malcolm Ward

  25. Margaret Coutts

  26. Mary Johnson

  27. Morris Coutts

  28. Nadia Baradi

  29. Norman Norris

  30. Pauline Sedon

  31. Penny Went

  32. Rachel Noble

  33. Roy Seymore-East

  34. Roy Williams

  35. Russel McNab

  36. Ruth Jessep

  37. Stephen Leach

  38. Susan Hamilton

  39. Val Jillings

  40. Vini Purcell

  41. Wayne McNamara

Reference number DN1986-22-4-MJN