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    Elizabeth 'Maree' Carroll (QSM)

    Elizabeth Maree Caroll (Maree) has given decades of generous service to the community in which she lives. Maree was known for her work with the St Dominic’s School for the Deaf in Feilding, being the first layperson to be employed as school secretary in 1969. Maree was heavily involved in organizing the school reunions which enabled the school community to remain connected over many decades. Maree also continued her work with the New Zealand Catholic Association and Catholic Deaf Ministry. Maree was instrumental in establishing the Manawatu Deaf Society, taking a leading role. Opening her farm for Deaf chaplaincy meetings and numerous Deaf Society activities over the years. Maree’s quiet and unassuming contribution went unacknowledged for several decades. In 2005, Maree was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, for her work with the Deaf community.

  2. 1970

    NZ Deaf News: 1970 (Vol. 7, No. 3)

  3. 1960s
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    St Dominics Gala

    St Dominics School for the Deaf hold their annual Gala Day – year unknown.

  4. 1992
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    Second National Deaf Sevens tournament

    The second National Deaf Sevens tournament was held at the Linton Military Camp, located just south of Palmerston North, where the Central boys won a points-based competition.

  5. 2000
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    Black theme fancy dress party at Manawatu Deaf Society!

    Members somehow manage to find black clothing in their wardrobes and attend a black themed party at MDS. It is also a special evening to award a life membership to Keith Gordon for his contributions over the years.

  6. 1998
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    Manawatu Women’s Group celebrates its 30th birthday!

    The fine women of the Manawatu Women’s Group celebrate their 30th birthday, and tell stories about their time in the Women's group. Games, cake-cutting, photo montages up for viewing and lots of reminiscing, before the ladies head out for a well-attended dinner at a restaurant open to all, even the men!

  7. 2002
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    40th Anniversary: Weekend-long celebrations at Manawatu Deaf Society!

    Manawatu Deaf Society celebrates its 40th anniversary with a packed weekend-long programme in September 2002.

  8. 2000
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    Christmas speeches and unveiling of trophy cupboard at Manawatu

    The MDS Xmas party on 16 December 2000 is an opportunity to reveal its new trophy cupboard at the far left-hand corner of the clubroom.

  9. 2000
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    Manawatu Deaf community farewells Terry O’Brien

    The Manawatu Deaf community thanks Terry O’Brien for his service as a Teacher of the Deaf. Terry taught for over 30 years at Freyberg High School in Palmerston North which had a Deaf Unit that St Dominic’s pupils often went on to attend.