NZ Deaf News: 1972 (Vol. 9, No. 1)

Some of the items featured in the 1972 Issue of ‘NZ Deaf News’ (Vol. 9, No. 1):

  • First church service was hosted for the Deaf community on 19 December 1971, at the Auckland Deaf Society Clubroom.
  • Deaf Australia indoor basketball players make a trip to New Zealand to play against the New Zealanders, on top of games against the Auckland and Christchurch teams. 
  • Manawatu hosts a stall at the Jaycee Paddy Market making a great profit!
  • Wellington Deaf Society has opened its new Clubrooms in Hill Street, behind the Wellington Cathedral, called the “Loaves and Fishes Hall”. Members meet on teh second and fourth Saturday evening of each month. 
  • Christchurch Deaf Club prepares for its upcoming 50th Jubilee Celebrations, to be held on Queen’s Birthday weekend in 1972. Registration fees are $2.

  1. Alan Young

  2. Allan Simpson

  3. Barbara Hazelwood

  4. Bernie Clews

  5. Daniel Beech

  6. David Rutledge

  7. Doreen Howell

  8. Gary Howard

  9. Glenn Schischka

  10. Gloria Fage

  11. Janet Watt

  12. Joan Bailey

  13. John Ferguson

  14. John Hunt

  15. John McRae

  16. Kath Smith

  17. Keith Gordon

  18. Keith Smith

  19. Ken Brain

  20. Ken McDiarmid

  21. Lance Manning

  22. Lorraine Nilsson

  23. Maree Carroll

  24. Maureen Thompson

  25. Max Howell

  26. Ngaire Doherty

  27. Owen Gibbons

  28. Peter Murray

  29. Peter Thompson

  30. Polly Forman

  31. Ray Forman

  32. Suzanne Hanson

  33. Terry Walbran

  34. William Katu

Reference number DN1971-9-1-MJN