Dorothy Jones

40th Anniversary: Weekend-long celebrations at Manawatu Deaf Society!

Manawatu Deaf Society celebrates its 40th anniversary with a packed weekend-long programme in September 2002.
Image for 40th Anniversary: Weekend-long celebrations at Manawatu Deaf Society!

Manawatu Deaf Society celebrates their 40th Anniversary, with a busy weekend schedule starting with a wine and cheese evening at the Manawatu Deaf Society Clubrooms at Totara Road on Friday 21 September 2002. The Clubroom was open all day the next day from 10:00am until 5:00pm hosting a morning tea, a photo display, showing old videos, a buffet lunch, group photos and, of course, lots of catching up! That evening, the members had dinner and drinks at Sherwood on Featherston (Featherston Street, Palmerston North). Finally on the Sunday there was a farewell day at the Manawatu Clubrooms with a BBQ and pool games for people to enjoy.

The weekend-long celebrations were organised and prepared by Keith Gordon, Suzanne Hanson, Gloria Fage, Marlene Rush, Marilyn Welham, with Annette Scott responsible for the video footage to capture the event.

  1. Beth Titter

  2. Daniel Beech

  3. Dorothy Jones

  4. Irene Gordon

  5. Jackie Davidson

  6. Keith Gordon

  7. Kevin Funnell

  8. Maree Carroll

  9. Marilyn Rush

  10. Mary Johnson

  11. Rachel Marr

  12. Steven Johnston

Donated by Dorothy Jones
Produced by Annette Scott
Original format 8mm
Reference number DJ17-01-CE02