NZ Deaf News: Summer 1965-66 (Vol. 3, No. 2)

Some of the items featured in the Summer 1965/66 Issue of ‘NZ Deaf News’ (Vol. 3, No. 2):

  • Club ‘Round-Up’ from Auckland Deaf Society, Christchurch Deaf Club, Dunedin Deaf Club, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu Deaf Club, Taranaki, Waikato and Wellington Deaf Society.
  • Christchurch Deaf Club forms a new Christchurch Deaf Drivers’ Car Rally Club.
  • The 1965 New Zealand Deaf Table Tennis Championships were held at the Mareanui School hall, Napier on October 23, with the next championships planned for Whangarei, a first for the town.
  • The Manawatu women’s basketball team continues to do well, with arrangements underway to get a men’s team going the next year.
  • Kelston reports on students who made its prize list for the year, and Sumner reports that its roll continues to increase with 125 the highest for some years.
  • Rossell McKenzie, a 24 year old deaf woman swimmer is voted second place in Canterbury’s first ‘Sportsperson of the Year’. She won a bronze medal at the World Deaf Games in Washington.
  • Christchurch Deaf Club reports on its official opening of the new clubrooms on Saturday 23 October. 300 guests attended its opening ceremony.
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Reference number:
SignDNA – Deaf National Archive New Zealand, DN1965-3-2-MJN