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New Zealand Catholic Deaf Newsletter: December 1978 (Vol. 1, No. 3)

Some of the items featured in ‘The New Zealand Catholic Deaf Newsletter: August 1978 (Vol. 1, No. 2)’:

  • The newsletter will be named “Ephpheta” with the sub-title being ‘N.Z. Catholic Journal for Deaf People’. 
  • Nineteen (19) delegates from New Zealand attended the Australasian Catholic Conference in Canberra – Father B.Wegrzyn, the Chaplain to the Deaf of the Wellington Archdiocese; four Dominican Sisters (three from Feilding and one from Auckland); eight adult deaf (all from Wellington Archdiocese) and six hearing people (three mothers of deaf children, one sister of a deaf person, and two lay teachers). 
  • Danny Beech will depart Palmerston North for Auckland in January 1979; he will do a year’s study of the Christian Leadership Course. Apart from his already has demanding duties as national secretary of the N.Z. Amateur Deaf Sports Association, Vice-President of the N.Z. Association of the Deaf, secretary of the Manawatu Deaf Society, Danny has also been chairman of the Catholic Deaf Committee, co-editor of the Catholic Deaf Newsletter and Chairman of the reunion committee for the St. Dominic’s School, Feilding. 
  • Tony Oswald will be the new chairman and Maree Caroll as vice-chairperson of the renamed Manawatu Catholic Deaf Association.
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SignDNA – Deaf National Archive New Zealand, CDC1978-1-3-MJN