NZ Deaf News: Autumn 1965 (Vol. 2, No. 3)

Some of the items featured in the 1965 Autumn Issue of ‘NZ Deaf News’ (Vol. 2, No. 3):

  • Christchurch Deaf Club’s opening evening attracted a huge crowd of members. Through the acute shortage of carpenters in Christchurch, the opening of the building had been delayed to Labour Weekend.
  • Auckland Deaf Society hosts its annual picnic at Motuihe Island in the Hauraki Gulf. The picnic was postponed to 7 March due to a howling gale, with 61 members in attendance.
  • Kelston School for Deaf reports that it had admitted nearly twenty new deaf children this year due to the German measles epidemic.
  • Twelve new pupils enrol in St Dominics, with its annual Gala Day on 6 March deemed a huge success. On 7 March, they hosted a reunion of ex-pupils to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of the school’s foundation in Wellington in 1944.
  • Darcy Dale, the Principal of Kelston School for the Deaf steps down to move to England. A summary of his involvement with Deaf education is covered in this issue.
  • The NZ Deaf Amateur Sports Association announces that it made a profit of 3,200-pound profit on its raffle, with the money going to assist in sending the national team to represent the country at the 10th International Games for the Deaf in Washington D.C.

  1. Colin Goodhue

  2. Darcy Dale

  3. David Eastman

  4. Glenn Schischka

  5. Hilda Goodhue

  6. Ivan Tamepo

  7. Joan Bailey

  8. John Hunt

  9. John McRae

  10. Kath Smith

  11. Keith Gordon

  12. Ken Brain

  13. Laurie Schischka

  14. Maree Ward

  15. Marlene Rush

  16. Mary Johnson

  17. Merv Forman

  18. Norman Norris

  19. Owen Gibbons

  20. Patreena Bryan

  21. Peter Murray

  22. Ray Forman

  23. Rossell MacKenzie

  24. Sen Smith

  25. Stewart Smith

  26. Terry Siviter

  27. Vernon Pope

  28. Wallace Williams

Reference number DN1965-2-3-MJN