NZ Deaf News: December 1981 (Vol. 19, No. 4)

Some of the items featured in the December 1981 (Vol. 11, No. 3) issue of ‘New Zealand Deaf News’:

  • Players are selected for the third Trans-Tasman Games, to be held in Australia after Christmas (27 December 1981 to 11 January 1982). 
  • Meeting with Gallaudet College specialists, who spoke to NZAD and Deaf Clubs all around New Zeland, who recommended that New Zealand look at a full time Executive Director or Secretary (of NZAD), a leadership training programme, training of interpreters and study of NZSL.
  • An article on John Rua and his carving at the Artists Quarter in Christchurch. 
  • A dinner was held at the Town House Hotel to celebrate the 21st birthday of the formation of Otago Deaf Society. 
  • Results from the 26th New Zealand Deaf Sports Convention held in Palmerston North.
  • Pat Dugdale talks about her five months as Field Officer in Wellington. 

  1. Anne Stronge

  2. Barry Gernhoefer

  3. Bruce McHattie

  4. Daniel Beech

  5. Diane Urlich

  6. Gary Howard

  7. Gwen Rapley

  8. Janice Howard

  9. Joan Bailey

  10. John Chandler

  11. John Hunt

  12. John McRae

  13. John Rua

  14. Kaz Witko

  15. Keith Smith

  16. Ken Brain

  17. Kevin Neale

  18. Lindsay Bamford

  19. Lynn Smith

  20. Malcolm Clausen

  21. Margaret Coutts

  22. Mary Johnson

  23. Michael Hope

  24. Morris Coutts

  25. Nola Dickie

  26. Pat Dugdale

  27. Patty (Noeline) Still

  28. Peter Downie

  29. Ray Forman

  30. Susan Skinner

  31. Tony McGill

  32. Wayne McNamara

Reference number DN1981-18-4-MJN