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16th World Games for the Deaf, Christchurch

Opening ceremony and events at the 16th World Games for the Deaf, Christchurch 1989.
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The 16th World Games for the Deaf in Christchurch was opened on 7th January 1989 by the CISS President and the Chairman of the Organising Committee. There were four thousand spectators waving flags in the air when the 1,400 athletes and officials marched around the stadium in their teams. Johannes Ooteman was flag-bearer for the New Zealand team.

The 16th World Games for the Deaf took place in Christchurch from 7-17 January 1989, the first time it had been hosted in the Southern Hemisphere.

Penny Went, a New Zealand badminton player, takes the oath on behalf of the athletes, while Peter Downie, the coach for New Zealand women’s basketball team, takes the officials’ oath.

After the opening ceremony, footage is shown of cycling, wrestling and athletic events, with a medal ceremony for the women’s 100m sprint event, in which USA placed first and second, with Germany coming third.

  1. Jennifer Brain

  2. Jerald Jordan

  3. John MacDonald

  4. John Ooteman

  5. Ken Brain

  6. Margaret Coutts

  7. Megan Mansfield

  8. Penny Went

  9. Peter Downie

  10. Tony Walton

Donated by Manawatu Deaf Society
Produced by Joan Bailey
Original format 5" 8mm
Reference number MDS09-01-SPO89