NZ Deaf News: 1973 (Vol. 10, No. 2)

Some of the items featured in the 1973 issue of ‘NZ Deaf News’ (Vol. 10, No. 2):

  • The Christchurch Deaf Basketball Club finally toured Sydney after a year of fundraising and planning. The 10 players competed against Bankstown and caught up with some other New Zealanders at the same time!
  • Wellington Association for Deaf Children continues to advocate for improvement to facilities and resources for Deaf youth, which is collated into an annual report.
  • Danish hearing defect export Ole Bentzen states that ‘not enough is being done for the Deaf’ in New Zealand after a visit here, and calls for more audiology training across the country.
  • Some of the first ever telecommunication machines are installed in Auckland, the article describes that these are the first ever to launch outside of the U.S. and are proving to be extremely useful for Deaf communication!

  1. Bernie Clews

  2. Bob Forrest

  3. Bruce McHattie

  4. Colleen Norris

  5. Erica Siviter

  6. Geoff Harker

  7. Gordon Brown

  8. Gwen Rapley

  9. Janet Watt

  10. Joan Bailey

  11. John Hunt

  12. Keith Gordon

  13. Keith Smith

  14. Kevin Pivac

  15. Lance Manning

  16. Laura Hunt

  17. Lesley Schischka

  18. Margaret Coutts

  19. Maureen Thompson

  20. Ngaire Doherty

  21. Robyn Crosbie

  22. Stewart Smith

  23. Terry Walbran

  24. Vernon Pope

Reference number DN1973-10-2-MJN