NFD Communicate: Summer 1997

Some of the items featured in the Summer 1997 (Vol. 7, No. 2) Issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • ‘A Dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language’ is launched, labelled as being “a landmark in the history of Deaf culture.”
  • The case for bringing Deaf adolescents fully into the Deaf community is argued by Brent Macpherson. 
  • A new video is created for Deaf children, with well-known stories signed by Deaf storytellers. 
  • Otago University delves into the Connexin 26 gene, which is a major cause of inherited deafness, and New Zealand families.

  1. Beatrice Nuthall

  2. Brent Macpherson

  3. Cheryl Tangiwai

  4. Dave Moskovitz

  5. David McKee

  6. Denise Powell

  7. Freda Pearce

  8. Graeme Kennedy

  9. Margaret Cooper

  10. Nick Humby

  11. Pat Dugdale

  12. Rachel Locker McKee

  13. Shaun Fahey

  14. Susan Thomas

  15. Tony Walton

  16. Victoria Manning

Reference number NFDC1997-7-2-MJN