NFD Communicate: Winter 1998

Some of the items featured in the Winter 1998 (Vol. 7, No. 4) Issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • Margaret Cooper, NFD Chairperson, summarises 1998 for NFD and the Deaf community, with 5 interpreters graduating from AIT. 
  • A group of Deaf Creative Writers released ‘Deaf Hands: Our Moving Language’, both a booklet and a video. 
  • An article on the technologies behind the Internet! The World Wide Web, Surfing the Net, What does the Net look like?
  • Angela Sew Hoy becomes the first Deaf person in New Zealand to achieve a MBA (Master of Business Management) degree.

  1. Alex Treanor

  2. Angela Sew Hoy

  3. Celia King

  4. Dawn Volkner

  5. Della Buzzard

  6. Erica Siviter

  7. Janice Howard

  8. John Rodgers

  9. Kelly Quirke

  10. Krista Clifford

  11. Kyla Bishop

  12. Lyneen Allen

  13. Marc Ethan

  14. Margaret Cooper

  15. Mary Spiers

  16. Pamela Lonie

  17. Patreena Bryan

  18. Pollyanna Ferguson

  19. Royce Flynn

  20. Sheryl Allison

  21. Steve Hooker

  22. Theresa Cooper

  23. Tracy Kennedy

  24. Trent Bell

  25. Ursula Lockington

  26. Ursula Thynne Becroft

  27. Victoria Manning

Reference number MJN-NFDC1998-7-4