NFD Communicate: March 1996

Some of the items featured in the March 1996 (Vol. 5, No. 4) Issue of ‘NFD Communicate’:

  • Rachel Locker McKee argues that it is not appropriate for the Deaf Association to be utilising a large use of untrained people (communicators) to do interpreting work.
  • Kahn Bury delves into genetic factors behind deafness.
  • Sue Williams and Wendy Siviter talk about their experiences growing up as a CODA. Sue interviewed 23 CODAs in her research assignment, part of her sign language interpreter training course in 1994. 
  • The Victoria Deaf womens basketball team will play against the New Zealand womens team in Auckland (10 and 12 April), Palmerston North (14 April) and Christchurch (16 and 18 April).
  • The Manawatu Deaf Drama Group, Madera, travels to the WFD Congress in Austria. They plan to take steps to set up a National Theatre of the Deaf NZ with plans to hold performances in 1996. 
  • The Māori Deaf report is released showing what Māori Deaf want for themselves with a number of recommendations.
  • NZDSA asks for anyone interested in participating in the World Games for the Deaf 1997 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  1. Celia King

  2. Dorothy Jones

  3. Erica Siviter

  4. Helen Williams

  5. Kahn Bury

  6. Krista Clifford

  7. Lindsay Jones

  8. Marilyn Welham

  9. Mark Siviter

  10. Rachel Locker McKee

  11. Sheryl Allison

  12. Sue Williams

  13. Terry Siviter

  14. Wallace Williams

Reference number NFDC1995-5-4-MJN