Central Zone holds onto the Shield!

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Footage of all three men's games of the 2000 National Deaf Rugby Championships at the Canterbury Rugby League Stadium, combined into one clip. Includes pre-match Deaf cheerleading display.

Footage of all three games of the 2000 National Deaf Rugby Championships at the Canterbury Rugby League Stadium. Three games are combined into one clip. The first rugby game on Friday 22 April 2000 where Northern Zone beats Southern Zone, 24 to 3, was opened by a dynamic performance by five Deaf Northern cheerleaders, decked in white and blue, and the Southern cheerleaders in black and red!

The weekend consisted of an exciting roster of matches with the final match on the Sunday being the deciding match, with Central winning 25 to 14. Central Zone held on to the Shield, winning it for a fourth time in 2000. Previous wins were in 1994, 1995, 1999 and finally, 2000. At that point, the Northern Zone had only won it once in 1998, and the Southern Zone in 1996 and 1997.

  • Northern Zone 24 vs Southern Zone 3
  • Central Zone 17 vs Southern Zone 7
  • Central Zone 25 vs Northern Zone 14

Northern beat Southern 24 - 3 (halftime 5-3)

  • Northern > Tries: Kelly Hohaia, Opeti Finaulangi, Eli Elisara, Hayden Teesdale. Conversations: Hayden Teesdale, Opeti Finaulangi.
  • Southern. Penalty goal: Craig Haworth

Central beat Southern Zone - 17 to 7 (halftime 3-7)

  • Central > tries: Theodore Waterhouse (2), Penalty goal: Clive Morgan, Conversion: Theodore Waterhouse.
  • Southern > try: Michael May, Conversion: Craig Haworth

Central beat Northern 24-14 (half time 17-3)

  • Central > Tries: Theodore Waterhouse (2), Rodney Roberts (2), Conversion: Theodore Waterhouse, Penalty goal: Theodore Waterhouse
  • Northern > Try: Eli Elisara, Penalty goals: Hayden Teesdale (3).

Most Valuable Player of the National Deaf Rugby Inter-Zonal Championship 2000: Theodore Waterhouse (Central)

Best of the Tournament: Kelly Hohaia (Northern), Rodney Roberts (Central) and Awhi Phillips (Southern)

Trophy Competition Points (pre-match, sportsmanship, law knowledge and acceptance of decisions): Southern Zone

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