Deaf social rugby match: Married vs Single men

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An informal annual rugby game between teams of Deaf men, married and single, which was played on one of Kelston Deaf Education Centre’s fields.
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Report from NZ Deaf News: On the 14th of June on a rather dismal day, which developed into rain later on, a rugby match was held at Kelston Deaf School between marrieds and singles. Much fewer supporters than usual came to cheer their friends on. Marrieds were only able to muster nine men to play against eleven singles (in rugby the correct number is fifteen a side). However, fun was had by all although there were a few minor casualties. John McRae got a very painful toe from kicking the ball, and swore that the ball was heavier than usual! Tom Gibling was very stiff for a week after the game. The result of the match was 45-20 in singles’ favour. Philip Hatfield scored a good number of tries for singles.

- 1970, NZ Deaf News (Vol. 7, No. 3)

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Pam Croskery
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