article – Taonga source: Bay of Plenty Times

Deaf couple use sign language to organise building a new house

A new house build can be a challenging time for a young couple. But Gregory and Victoria Lessing are also deaf, and undertook a house build from scratch using NZSL.
Bay of Plenty Times
video – Taonga source: DEAFinitely Youth Group

The first Wallace Williams Comedy Evening kicks off!

The first ever Wallace Williams Comedy Evening kicks off in 2003, as a fundraiser for Deaf Youth to attend the WFD Congress in Montreal, Canada.
DEAFinitely Youth Group
video – Taonga source: Abbie Twiss

Auckland Deaf Society hosts a Derby Race Night!

An action filled evening at ADS with a Deaf modelling show followed by an Auckland Deaf Drag Queen contest and finally a derby race competition!
Abbie Twiss
video – Taonga source: Wellington Deaf Society

3rd National Deaf Youth Camp, 2008

The Wellington Deaf Youth Group organizes the 3rd National Deaf Youth Camp – a five-day camp in Hastings. The theme of the camp is UNITY.
Wellington Deaf Society
publication – Taonga source: Oticon Foundation

Soundscape: September 2003

Oticon Foundation
video – Taonga source: Dan Hanks

Auckland Deaf Society re-opens after 11 month rebuild

Footage and interviews from the opening night of the newly redeveloped Auckland Deaf Society clubrooms late August 2007.
Dan Hanks
video – Taonga source: Wellington Deaf Society

Wellington Deaf Society: Welcome Home Party!

Wellington Deaf Society finally has a new home, a new Deaf Club! A formal opening on Saturday 24 April 2021 to celebrate its new building since selling its Marion Street building in 2015.
Wellington Deaf Society
video – Taonga source: Attitude Pictures

Parenting with Sign Language

We’re alongside Sarah who is Deaf and preparing to give birth to her first child. Having been there twice before, Deaf parents Victoria and Greg, are on hand for advice.
Attitude Pictures
video – Taonga source: Rodney Roberts

Central Zone holds onto the Shield!

Footage of all three men's games of the 2000 National Deaf Rugby Championships at the Canterbury Rugby League Stadium, combined into one clip. Includes pre-match Deaf cheerleading display.
Rodney Roberts
video – Taonga source: Janice and Gary Howard

ADS Netball Club’s 25th Jubilee

The Auckland Deaf Society Netball team celebrates their 25th Jubilee in April, 2000.
Janice and Gary Howard
video – Taonga source: Sara Pivac Alexander

Asia-Pacific Deaf Youth Camp, 2002

The 2nd Asia Pacific Deaf Youth camp (APDYC) held at the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre in Turangi is featured on ‘Inside Out’. Altogether, there were 43 Deaf youths from 12 countries, 15 youth leaders, 10 interpreters and a couple of guest speakers.
Sara Pivac Alexander
video – Taonga source: DEAFinitely Youth Group

Miss and Mr Deaf New Zealand, 2001

The ‘007’ themed Miss and Mr Deaf New Zealand event, expertly hosted by Victoria Skorikova and Tony Walton was a major fundraising event for the 2nd Asia Pacific Deaf Youth Camp. It was organised in 5 weeks and raised $7,000 towards camp costs.
DEAFinitely Youth Group
video – Taonga source: Dan Hanks

Mardi Gras celebrations

Auckland Deaf Society, about to close for a total building redevelopment, hosts a final social event: a Mardi Gras at the Deaf Club.
Dan Hanks
video – Taonga source: AUT Visual Languages Section

Toa Anga Whati Māori

Māori TV's 'Toa Anga Whati Māori' profiles the Deaf Association of New Zealand on its weekly program, interviewing a series of Deaf people in sports (golf, touch rugby, rugby) before touching upon the job of a Deaf Awareness Officer who delivers training throughout New Zealand.
AUT Visual Languages Section
video – Taonga source: Shona McGhie

ADS Basketball Club 50th Jubilee

The Auckland Deaf Society Basketball Club celebrate their ‘Golden’ Anniversary, their 50th anniversary, at the ADS Balmoral clubrooms where people share their memories of being involved in the basketball club.
Shona McGhie
video – Taonga source: Sonia Pivac

Deaf protest against Advance Centre closure

Deaf protest against shutting down the Advance Centre, a tertiary support centre for Deaf and hearing impaired students in the Auckland region.
Sonia Pivac