video – Taonga source: Inside Out

Inside Out: Inaugural World Deaf Rugby Championship

Inside Out features the inaugural World Deaf Rugby Championship, including coverage of the final between New Zealand and Wales at Eden Park, Auckland in 2002.
Inside Out
video – Taonga source: Rodney Roberts

Central Zone holds onto the Shield!

Footage of all three men's games of the 2000 National Deaf Rugby Championships at the Canterbury Rugby League Stadium, combined into one clip. Includes pre-match Deaf cheerleading display.
Rodney Roberts
video – Taonga source: Television New Zealand Archive

Deaf Blacks’ first ever international match

Holmes’ Jo Malcolm catches up with the Deaf Blacks team at their training in Christchurch in preparation for the first of three upcoming test matches against the visiting Deaf South Africans - the first ever international match for both sides.
Television New Zealand Archive
video – Taonga source: Inside Out

Deaf Blacks players to tour Wales selected at the 1998 National Deaf Rugby Interzonal Championship

The deciding match of the 1998 National Deaf Rugby Interzonal Championship played in Wellington over Easter weekend, and cementing a place in the New Zealand Deaf team that toured Wales in November 1998.
Inside Out
video – Taonga source: Richard Peri

Second test: New Zealand Deaf vs South Africa

The first ever International Deaf Rugby Test Series was held in New Zealand in 1995 between New Zealand and South Africa. South Africa won the series 2-1.
Richard Peri
video – Taonga source: Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Outreach Drama Workshop

Written and directed by Kelston School for Deaf Children Standard 3 students, the play depicts a girl's nightmare in which she is abducted by aliens and encounters witches, Frankenstein's Monster and various other creatures.
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision