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    John Rua (Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal)

    John Rua is a Master Carver for the Tangata Whenua of New Zealand. John is a living Tohunga in his Art, and has carved thousands of stunning artefacts which have been displayed in Maraes and museums across the country. John led several ground-breaking projects including the carving of Te Tira Hou meeting house in Auckland, Ohope Marae in Whatakane and Okains Bay Maori and Colonial Museum in the South Island. His most noticeable achievement was training carvers at the Ngā Hau E Whā National Marae in Christchurch, a project which took 8 years to complete. As well as teaching in prisons, schools and maraes, John has sold his work worldwide to Germany, Canada and the USA, and has exhibited in Japan. In 1992, MP Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan presented John with the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubliee Medal for service to New Zealand.

  2. 1990

    NFD Journal: June 1990 (Vol. 4, No. 2)

  3. 1996
    Video — Donated by Television New Zealand Archive Image of Television New Zealand Archive

    John Rua participates in a taiaha course

    John Rua participates in an annual taiaha course and as a participant, he leads a pōwhiri, welcoming the visitors. ‘Te Karere’ visits the course to film John and find out more from his course instructors.