Soundscape: February 2014

Some of the items featured in the February 2014 issue of ‘Soundscape’:

  • The development of an e-collection of NZSL reference material, which will be available for teachers and students at universities, schools and public libraries from mid 2014. The e-collection brings together significant NZSL publications and includes ‘New Zealand Sign Language: A Learner’s Grammar’ by Rachel McKee which is aimed at second language learners and their teachers. 
  • The Oticon Foundation trustees are featured, with three based in New Zealand with its secretary to the Trustees. 
  • Oticon Foundation Grant Recipients 2013.

  1. Denise Powell

  2. Karen Pullar

  3. Rachel Locker McKee

  4. Sara Pivac Alexander

Reference number OF2014-03-MJN